Foundation in Finishes is a design philosophy which dictates that a solid base of color, texture and finishes be the key differentiating element to a successful interior design project.  Residential or commercial the surface finishes are often misunderstood or overlooked.


Born in San Francisco then moved to London at an early age, Shirley spent many hours at the fabulous homes and museums of England.  After a number of years walking runways as a top fashion model in Italy she returned to the US and attended the New York School of Design for a more formalized education.  Returning home to San Francisco in the 90's Shirley formed Robinson Decorative   Finishes where she leveraged her innate sense of color and texture. The company, now part of Robinson Interiors Group has worked on commercial and residential projects throughout the US and in Europe. 

Realizing she had a rare gift to understand color and its impact on interior design, Shirley began following her passion by designing commercial and residential spaces.  

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